Glad you asked. We developed the PlusMarque® seal of approval to raise standards within the industry and give us an internal benchmark. It’s part of our 32 year heritage and has moulded the company that is Plus today.

All Plus products are protected by PlusMarque® and ensure excellence across five key areas to meet our exacting standards:

Quality: ensures the validation and integrity of our raw materials, production process and supply sources. All have to pass stringent tests and be fit for purpose before they are offered for sale.

Manufacture: ensures only extensive, modern production facilities are used to guarantee professional product and service.

Delivery: ensures your order will arrive via a traceable courier, at a time and location of your convenience.

Performance: ensures our team fully understands your business requirements, cares and delivers to your expectations.

Support: ensures that Plus’s outstanding reputation for customer service, quality, value for money and after sales support is maintained and improved on.