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Sigma Exchangeable Cassette Banner Stand


Banner stand with exchangeable graphic and cassette.
Widths: 850, 1000mm

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Weight: 4.8kg
Brand: Plus Display

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Banner stand with exchangeable graphic and cassette.
Widths: 850, 1000mm

See below for more details.

Tel 01782 264110 for free help and advice, or order online!

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The all new exchangeable graphic banner stand .

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The Sigma Banner Stand has an easily removable cassette that houses the graphic. Spare cassettes can be purchased to hold different graphics and easily and quickly exchanged. The main base is a stylish up market banner base and for those that need to change graphics frequently or need to adapt there message to different audiences it is the obvious choice. This concept has been available for a few years but only on banner stands costing £300 plus. At last we have now designed a cost effective alternative. We maintain large stocks and all graphics are printed and put into the cassettes at our factory in Stoke-on-Trent. Being central to the country we are perfectly situated to service the whole of the UK. Overseas orders also produced and dispatched from here.

  • 850mm and 1000mm widths x 2000mm high available
  • Sturdy stable base no rotating feet needed.
  • Chromed end caps – no screws showing for a professional looking stand.
  • Although case is made from much thicker aircraft standard aluminium it does not weigh any heavier.
  • Stunning photo quality crystal finish stoplight non edge curling graphic as standard. Not cheap PVC or paper.
  • Graphic material is especially made for us stopping any edge curling also water and tear proof.
  • When rolled into exchangeable cassette, graphics completely protected light and so easily transportable.
  • Change graphic in seconds with just a twist.
  • 5 year guarantee on cassette and parts.
  • Free zipped carrying bag with shoulder strap included.
  • Proper sleeve and locating pin for upright banner support.
  • 5 days delivery – same day or next day available please call 01782 970759.


At last an affordable mid range banner stand with a self change graphic. Our Sigma with a field replaceable cassette is a premium quality roller banner that is a beautifully sleek design with a very stable solid looking base. Our Sigma stand is protected against becoming redundant as it has an economic replaceable cassette system. You can also have one base and multiple replaceable cassettes with different graphics if different messages are needed for different venues. The printed panels are protected in their own cassette while not in use.

Conventional roller banners have their place with the printed artwork attached to the single use base by means of a self adhesive strip, however these stands are designed to have their graphic prints replaced by the manufacturer not the client and because of courier costs make them uneconomic to replace.
Replaceable cassette roller banners are a great idea but until now have been very expensive. With careful thought and a flash of inspiration we have come up with a cost effective solution. Have the roller mechanism and graphic in a cartridge that is quick and easy to change from the main stylish base unit. Thus saving the cost of buying the base each time.

A few manufacturers have tried this in the past. Companies like Ultima who offer the Imagine Banner Stand or Expand graphics who manufacture the Quickscreen banner stands. These stands along with a few others are perfectly functional but the cost of additional cassettes for the stands is almost as expensive as the base unit itself. This is what has made the budget priced banner stands so popular. Whilst not looking as good as the mid range banner stands they are a lot more cost effective if you need to change graphics frequently. The all new Sigma by Plus Display now addresses this and makes a changeable cartridge banner stand a sensible economic alternative.

Our Sigma banner stand is different is a stand of exceptionally high quality and the cost of both the unit and future replacement cartridges complete with graphic are at a sensible price.

By purchasing a Sigma stand when and if you compare it to a cheap economy or budget stand the figures start to add up. Instead of a throw away banner stand you now have an investment for the future as well as a huge improvement on your company image. As well as this the stands are more stable and durable when compared with cheap alternative banner stands.
A replacement cassette for the Sigma banner stand that is printed at photographic quality onto a non edge curling sand grain finished no show through high quality polyester film (not cheap PVC or stay flat film) costs just £75 plus VAT less than most budget alternatives and certainly a lot cheaper than other replacement cartridge banner stands.

Artwork Specific Info & Download

To help you set your artwork up perfectly and make sure there are no delays in production and issues with your artwork when printed, we have drawn up artwork specification sheets, which detail how your artwork needs setting up, saving and how to send your files over to us! Just click below to download the pdf!

Any problems just give us a call on 01782 264110 and we will talk you through it!

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Weight: 4.8kg


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