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Best way to use pop-up stands

Any business to be successful needs to carry out a marketing campaign. Part of this is likely to be displaying your company and it’s wares at various trade shows and exhibition events. Pops up stands are ideal for these applications.

Pop up stands

Pop up stands are very light and easy to transport. Made from anodised aluminium, and faced with photo quality graphics they look very attractive. Being eye-catching to the trade show delegates they form the perfect backdrop for sales and presentation personnel. For larger spaces or to disseminate more information use them with a display of banner stands.

Measuring pop up stands

This is an area, which causes great confusion. In the trade pop up stands are measured by quads. A 3 x 3 referring to the number of quads high by the number of quads wide. This is often mistaken by Exhibitors to mean meters i.e. 3 m x 3m. It causes endless confusion, which is why we always include floor plans in our web site. Pops up stands are generally supplied at a height of 3 quads (2250mm) and a width of between 1 and 5 quads. The most popular being the 3 x 4 quad or 3 x 4 quad. Pop up stands still amaze people when they 1st put them up. It’s almost magic how the frame opens up into a semi rigid wall in one simple movement.

Pop up stands are still the most popular choice of exhibition stand users as they are easily customised to fit virtually any size stand. If the graphics are well designed to be flexible then multiple pop up stands can be reconfigured and used in many shapes and sizes.

Curved and straight stands

A great feature of pop up stands is that they are made in standard shapes and sizes. Having said this you do need to decide whether you prefer a curved stand or a straight stand. Curved stands, on their own, are ideal if you want your display stand to be aesthetic. Straight stands are useful if specific shapes are required and space is at a premium. All in all pop up stands are so versatile it is best to speak to a company that has many years experience in their use. With a bit of fore thought and good advice by spending a few more pounds you may end up with a stand that can serve you over many years rather than a one off use.

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