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A picture paints 1000 words

I’m sure we have all heard of this saying? But it’s more relevant today in this visual world than it’s ever been. If you really want to get a message across do it with a picture and interesting heading. This is because 65% of people learn visually!

However when addressing an audience as a speaker or on a one to one basis the majority of the people speaking do it purely by speaking. Why when only something like 20% of the population learn and retain information by auditory means. It must be that they are just not aware of the facts! A very well informed orator when speaking will actually be building a picture in your mind as we all think in pictures eventually, so why not take a short cut and just give them the picture.

It is also a well know fact that people who practice learning huge numbers of facts or remembering names for exams do it by pictures. They leverage their visual memory. What do we mean by this? Just imagine being at a conference or networking meeting and you are introduced to 5 new people and you need to remember their names. How can you do this quickly and easily? The experts say that you should associate each person with a visual representation of their name doing something. For example Matthew could be remembered by painting matt black paint on a hot summer’s day and wiping your brow saying phew i.e. matt phew! Matthew! You won’t forget him now. Takes practice but once mastered it’s easy. Another example is how not to lose your car keys. Next time you put them down take a few seconds to see where you have laid them, then, imagine you put a stick of dynamite under the object and blow it up. I guarantee you will remember where they are. Memory is predominantly a visual resource.

The message – use a visual aid wherever possible the simple action of getting it out putting it up and the message on the device will be remembered long after your spoken words have been forgotten.

An excellent way of doing this is to use banner stands and pop up stands.

Simply find a relevant picture of what you want to say and add a strap line. The action of putting it up with the image displayed will be enough. They came in all sizes from a simple desk top A4 stand to a 3m wide x 2m high roller banner stand. In this situation once you have overcome your own inhibitions of asking permission to put it up they literally are worth there weight in gold.

Don’t believe me then do me a favour in your mind pick up a pen draw a large + sign, a PLUS sign if you don’t have a thick pen draw a cross in outline and colour it in on the paper, then screw up the paper and imagine throwing it at a firework display with bangs and flashes – think hard now!  Hopefully you will now remember our name PLUS DISPLAY next time you have a need for anything related to displays.

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