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Hints and Tips for a better Trade show or Exhibition

Exhibition trade shows

Trade shows only usually last a few days or at most a week. This is why companies have to use everything they can to help sell the products on display and to interact with their prospective clients. The point of these exhibitions or trade shows is to show prospective customers what a company has to offer, in a short period of time.

Below are a few tips and hints to a successful and productive exhibition or trade show.

Availability of space at exhibition

How much space you have to construct your display in is important as the bigger the display the more likely you are to be seen by people. But a smaller space can be used for a compact striking display.

Design of the trade booth

The design and condition of the area your display stand is located in makes a huge difference to the number of potential customers you will attract. First impressions are everything, even if the customer looks elsewhere, if the impression you made was good one then you will always be an option. A large and intriguing poster/banner should be used so that it attracts the potential customers into talk to your reps. Often using a celebrity figure or something similar that has ties with the company can be useful for this.

A few other tips for a successful trade show

The company name and logo should be the first thing the customers see, therefore it should be large and printed at very high quality so that it is crystal clear for all to see.

Your staff should wear something bright an innovative, as in a room of hundreds of people wearing suits and the everyday smart/casual office clothes, it will make them stand out. Everyone loves a surprise and seeing a select few of your staff in a new, and bright uniform, brings a smile to their face and makes them remember your company name and logo. This can prove to be a profitable move for your company in the future, from something as simple as a bright t-shirt.

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