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Make your trade show exhibition memorable

Exhibition stands are all about reaching out to make new contacts and develop professional relationships wit both new and existing clients. It is true to say that most business is gained within a few weeks after the trade show event has finished.

So that the best advantage and largest conversion of leads takes place it is vitally important you make a great long lasting impression on your visitors during the trade show. They must remember who your company is and what you do that is relevant to them!

Below are some useful tips on how to make your exhibition stand or shell scheme memorable for your visitors:

1. Make a show of your new products or services. People are attracted to new ideas be they existing or new clients. They will be more likely to stop by and investigate with an exhibition stand display that offers something innovative. They are more likely to remember an exciting new concept after the event than seeing products they already know about.

2. Display and be proud of your company brand image. Ensure that graphic displays for display stands are professionally designed and communicate a consistent image of your company – the old Chinese water torture trick also applies to brand awareness – drip drip drip but each drip has to be consistent! Human beings think in images, if someone describes a car a blue with 4 wheels you see a picture not the words in your head. It is the pictures they remember not the words!! So don’t overload displays with information, but design a strong visual with impact on your banner or pop up stands.

3. Start increasing the marketing of your business before the event. Pre-show advertising, invitations, leaflets etc, social networking anything that your potential clients might see or read. This will raise the awareness of the brand. If people recognise the branding and are interested by what you have on offer, they will most likely visit your stand.

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