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Things to consider when buying a banner stand

Buying a banner stand like any piece of capital equipment represents an investment for your company.

All banner stands and pop up stands we manufacture and print are photographed as well as undergoing a visual inspection to ensure it complies with our strict standards and passes our exacting quality control standards.

It is vitally important that your stand reaches you in perfect condition ready for your exhibition, trade, sales, marketing or retail event. To maintain its perfect condition is simplicity itself by just following a few common sense procedures.

The most vulnerable part of a banner stand is the end plate and the graphic itself. Let’s start with the graphic. When retracting your graphic back into its cassette grab the pole at the rear near the top and lean the stand backwards. Then with a firm grip on the pole with your left hand take a firm grip of the top rail and unclip it from the pole. Now gently let the spring tension start to roll the graphic up while keeping a firm grip. Do not let the top rail or pole go. This will allow the graphic to go into the cassette too fast and damage may occur. Gently guide the graphic back into the cassette keeping it central and away from the cassette edges until completely rolled up. Remove the pole and split, you are now ready to pack away.

Our low priced banner stands all feature durable plastic end caps which shatter resistant and very robust. They also cover and protect the roller cassette ends avoiding damage so often reported on cheaper budget stands that have the inside end mechanism exposed and prone to damage. Having said that if enough force is used anything is destructible. When a banner stand leaves our print factory after being photographed for quality control, it is zipped securely inside its own padded banner stand carry bag which in turn is packed in a double walled cardboard box that cushions the banner from inevitable courier rough handling whilst in transit. If you put the banner stand back into this box as well as its bag for transit you will avoid any damage that you may inflict if you accidentally drop it.

As our stands have no spindle that protrudes from each side of the banner stand casing which you see on cheap budget stands (round on one side and like a flat head screwdriver on the other side) there is not likely to be any interior spindle damage often experienced by these types of stands.

Should you have any problem with one of our banner stands, remember that our products are covered by a return to base guarantee. Simply contact one of our team who can help you to return the stand and we will make arrangements to inspect the banner on its return.

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