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New Shell Scheme Graphic System Launched

At last a simple easy way to graphic your shell scheme

A new shell scheme graphic system – so easy to use.

Plus Display has been producing graphics for shell scheme walls using systems like Curvorama, Shell Clad, Isoframe, Foamex, vinyl etc and while these systems have done a relatively good job they have never been 100% happy with them. All the systems have a shortfall somewhere. The Curvorama panels for instance overlap and are not truly seamless and leave gaps at the sides and bottom. The Shell clad system is expensive and tricky to put up, Foamex panels are difficult to transport, vinyl creases, can only be used once and are notoriously tricky to get flat.

Swift Shell Plus and Swift Shell Seamless

This set their research and development team on a mission to produce an easy to hang, disassemble and carry system that took up no more space than any other on the market. After almost 2 years in development they have launched the Swift Shell Plus and the Swift Shell Seamless Shell scheme graphic stands.

Let’s take a look at each system separately. The Swift shell Plus is a panel system that hangs directly from the Shell Scheme top rail. It takes no more than 20 seconds to unroll the banner and hook over the top rail. It hangs between the vertical posts of the shell scheme from a special J shaped bracket. This just slots into the top rail. Taking up no precious floor space and it looks stunning.

The Swift Shell Seamless is made from the same material but has a patented edge to edge magnetic tape and hangers. The exhibition banners simply hang from the clips (these are used to miss the roof beams) and simply snap together to form a seamless graphic right down to the bottom rail. No ugly clips or gaps. Again it uses no floor space but gives a fantastic seamless graphic display like no other.

The free standing banner system will also be having legs added in the near future so that it can be used on its own. This will allow clients to use the banner system independently of a shell scheme. It could be used in any free space or even stand in their reception area between shows.

For more information see Shell Scheme Graphics

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