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Pop-up Stands are now an important part of a salesman’s armory

Pop up stands are an essential part of a company’s representative’s tool box. Essential when presenting at trades shows, exhibitions, conferences, presentations indeed at any sales orientated environment. Pop up stands create attention and form an attractive, professional back drop. Pop up stands can be used individually or as part of a modular display.

Pop up stands are so versatile

Pop up stands are chosen as they are easy to transport and can be used virtually anywhere. They help to reinforce the sales or marketing message anywhere they are employed. Pop up stands paint the picture and depict visually the sales person’s sales pitch and sell subliminally to those who are visual learners. They are produced in a number of styles to suit any budget available. The user can select from a multitude of styles from budget banner stands to luxury finished ones. A pop up banner stand to suit anyone’s pocket. A the  Pop up stands can be employed at a range of events for instance trade shows, conferences and sales meetings, exhibitions and marketing events. A PVC, fabric or stop light polyester with sand grain finish can be utilised for the graphic print that pops into the anodised aluminium cassette. This all collapses into a shoulder carry bag and generally weighs no more than a few kilos. This makes Pop up stands cheap and fast to produce and use.

Types and suitability of Pop up stands

Pop up display banner stands come in hundreds of different models. At plus display we have access to all of the stands on the market but we only sell a few. Care must be taken when buying them though as the vast majority, in the budget range, are not really fit for purpose. When you buy from us however you can rest assured that you are getting excellent value for money as all the Pop up stands we sell have passed our strident test of suitability and quality standards. We also keep an eye on the competition so that if they are selling the same product we make sure ours match their price. Another benefit of using these Pop up stands is that they all come with a minimum guarantee of 2 years and some with five or even ten years. This makes them a cost-effective accessory to any sales persons’ armoury.

Pop up stands are popular in many different places. Small Pop up stands are often used at shopping centers, and malls for promoting individual products or used by retailer to advertise special offers and sales. Pop up stands are also used at airports to direct passengers and advertise special promotions. They are often used at conferences for efficient memorable presentations. Their uses are endless and it never surprises us at how sales people think up new ways to use them. Don’t lose out buy your pop up banner today visit Roller Banner Stands and order by phone or online.

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