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Pop-Up Stands – Why They Are Popular?

Pop up stands are portable display

Pop up stands are portable display systems. These stands are made of a collapsible frame with magnetic bars fixed to the frame. The frame becomes a structure that can hold several printed graphics panels. The graphics are fixed to the rear of the structure using magnetic strips. The entire pop up stand is fitted within a wheeled transport case. The graphics can roll. Thus these stands occupy very little space.

The individual graphic panels create the image of   one large seamless graphic image. Pop up stands are very popular. We can see them at various places like exhibitions, trade shows and other events almost. They are popular throughout the world.

Pop up stands offer a powerful way of displaying a brand. They are eye-catching and have a professional look. You can get them designed in a range of sizes. Pop up stands are widely used in the industry. These stands are frames covered with graphic panels or loop nylon panels for mounting posters etc. They can also be used for conferences and exhibitions by having a projector screen embedded in the front or at the rear.

Pop up stands

Pop up stands are simple, portable and have versatile applications. They can be used as banners stands at a smaller exhibition or as a backdrop for presentations. There are several types like Roller banner stands, Rigid pole banner stands, Tension pole banner stands, Retractable banner stands, Quick screen banner stands etc. Roller banner stands are flexible and cost effective in that they facilitate changing of the graphics cartridge without the need to purchase a new stand framework

Pop stands when properly designed and used become amazing tools for displaying your brand in an expert and enticing manner, instantly attracting potential clients. Because these stands are designed to be easily assembled, they can be erected in of minutes without the need of tools and with no help from the exhibition contractor. There is no need of huge transport or storage either.

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