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The right banner stands makes all the difference

The correct choice of banner stands make all the difference

Any business that attends a trade show or exhibition will ultimately reap the rewards. At worse it will get your brand in front of thousands of potential customers. To maximise the overall return on investment companies must ensure a few essential things are in place before attending an exhibition show. Researching and ensuring you select the right shows to attend is obvious, but training the sales staff is often overlooked.

Train your sales staff

Train your sales staff and then train them again. Well trained sales people will be well versed in the business’s products and services so they can answer questions on the spot. They are advocates for your company and responsible for it’s brand. Even in today’s trend to be casually dressed they have to be presentable and well spoken. The biggest mistake over 80% of sales people make is that they talk too much and do not listen to what clients require. They should only ask open ended questions to find out what is really required and then only inform the client of things they are interested in – not just reel off features and benefits that are of no interest to them. We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. Know when to shut up. And of course always ask for the order at every opportunity.

Choosing the correct exhibition to attend

There are literally thousands of trade shows and exhibitions throughout this country and the world every year. With so many trade show events and exhibitions happening simultaneously, it is easy to get confused as to which shows to attend and which ones to give a miss.

To help start by listing your target market for the line of products or services that your company s going to offer. You can then work out the types of trade fairs and exhibitions these sort of potential and existing customers are likely to attend. Creating a database of relevant events and ranking them will formalise and make your task much more productive.

At an exhibition you can use a multitude of different types of banner displays to help you achieve your marketing goals and this will depend on your budget.

The main thing is that get these essentials correct and the exhibition should give you a real boost to sales with a little help from your banner display stands.

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