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Exhibition stands an interesting name; the dictionary definition is to display something which of course is the whole point of the stand. The product naturally attracts attention and will automatically promote services and products at many different types of event. Many types of exhibition stands can be seen at a myriad of venues such as a trade fair, a sales conference, or marketing exhibition.  What a lot of people forget is the fact that exhibition stands can be utilised in many different scenarios. When used in these situations they are a versatile and effective way to market, promote and sell your products and wares. They are also effective at reinforcing your company brand. When not used at a trade show if put up in a reception or office area, they will add ambiance and professionalism to the working environment. Roller banner stands a trading name of Plus Display Limited is the professional’s choice when it comes to purchasing one of these portable promotional type stands. Just think of the uses outside of the main function. Why not place them in a waiting room or dot strategically on a production floor or add them to a car showroom to add strength to your brand. Use them to promote special offers and any deals you might be running.

 An economic choice.

They are an economic choice for the smaller business which may be looking for an effective way to promote their message and brand in a consistent manner, both to the workforce and the customers and clients that may visit.

When buying from Plus Display you can rest assured you are not buying cheap stands but quality value for money pop up stands and banner stands at a cheap price. A huge difference to those in the know! Many roller banner stands and pull-up banners are seen around the internet some even offered at 2 for £75, the reality is that these exhibition banner stands are budget economy stands built down to achieve this price not genuine heavily discounted quality cassettes or indeed photo quality graphics.

Pop up banner stands can also be used to form the backdrop to a video or multi media presentation by incorporating or integrating a plasma TV and more commonly these days a LCD or LED screen. TV screens up to 54 inches can be accommodated and be surrounded by graphics again reinforcing your brand.

These quick assembly promotional stands are very sturdy and strong, with an assembled height of over 2m; they will form a stunning display and catch the eye of the your intended audience. The graphics which are included in the price are printed at photographic quality, not at production speed which gives an inferior quality, onto an antiglare sand grain finished luxury material. This is known in the trade as stoplight material. This means it has either an opaque layer or grey back to stop any light shining through from the back causing shadows and the image to appear washed out. This makes our roller banner stand a great offer and is one not to be missed by those who want to give their company a professional look.

Use almost anywhere

For a busy bustling environment maybe a showroom or shopping mall area, Plus Display’s Best Value (BV) Roller Banner Stand is a perfect fit. The sturdy twist out foot constructed from solid aluminium is secured by a 5mm bolt not just a rivet to the heavy duty cassette with proper end caps, not just a plate with ugly screws giving a professional classy look. The banner stand graphic has an anti-glare and grain finish which enhances the photo quality printing included in the price. A 5 year guarantee on the cassettes and graphic ensures that it will give trouble-free service for many years. Also, our graphic material is guaranteed not to curl at the edges which most of our competitor products suffer from. The Barracuda banner stand is a classic. It has been around for years and is favoured by those looking for a mid-range upmarket stand to enhance and give a consistent look to their brand. It has recently undergone a design makeover and looks stunning.

But whatever the look or purpose of your exhibition equipment just remember it will do you no good gathering dust in a store cupboard. Get them out think outside the box and put them on show.

Tom Bristow
Tom Bristow is the Managing Director of The Plus Group and has worked in the exhibition industry for over a decade. He is passionate about the service his company provides and he eats, breathes and sleeps everything exhibitions.

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The best service! The quality of the banners and displays they have printed have been amazing – and even better is their level of service. They go above and beyond to make their customers happy – and make sure they get their orders on time. I can’t say enough about them – this is why we keep coming back!

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I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Gemma and the whole team at Plus Group for your excellent service last week. I appreciate that we gave you a very tight timescale, putting everyone under pressure (I do apologise, again!) however, I am very impressed with the professionalism, fast turnaround and great service we received from you. I know how much team work and effort it takes to turn something like this around, so I wanted to let you know that it was very much appreciated by myself, Nigel and the team at Bowmer Bond.

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The highest quality products – yes! But what is more is the very highest quality of service too – every time for the last 7 years! Without fail!
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