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Modular exhibition stands prove more versatile

Exhibition stands are a must-have in promoting a business in today’s short attention span, visual world. Out of all the different types of exhibition stands in the market, modular exhibition stands are proving to be better in all respects. They have many more advantages over ordinary bespoke types of exhibition stands as it can be customised and reconfigured many times according to the client’s wishes. The stands can be resurrected in a way that suits the surroundings and project brief and can therefore be used in almost any situation or environment.

Rigid display structure.

As they are produced with high quality materials, which mostly contain aircraft standard anodised aluminium, the framework proves to be a very rigid structure ensuring that the graphic panels hang straight and do not buckle. Being constructed of aircraft quality aluminium means the weight of the space framework itself will be less and also being a space frame they fold down to a very small package so as to allow easy, quick transportation of the materials from one place to another.

Bespoke joining struts.

Only our premium system comes with bespoke straight and curved joining struts that ensure the printed graphic panels line up and remain flat in taller and larger constructions.

Easily stored exhibition display stands.

When not in use, the modular exhibition stands can be broken down into its few component pieces and easily stored, in it’s own drum, in a very small space. The greatest benefit is the ability to use the same framework again and again, in different structures and appearances. Therefore modular exhibition stands are a good investment; being able to be used in different configurations. The versatility of suiting to different venues, be it, a trade show or indoor exhibition hall, is another reason that makes these stands a good choice for a buyer.

The outer appearance can be digitally large format printed to highlight the important points regarding the brand, with vibrant colours using a variety of pictures and different eye catching fonts to attract as much of the customers attention as possible. The graphic surfaces can be reprinted at any time allowing easy economic changes of display information. The seamless graphics show no joints and completely hide the modular construction from within. No aluminium poles or planks can be seen when viewed which all adds up to a graphic feast for the eyes, uninterrupted by vertical structural poles.

Quick installation of trade stands.

The installation process is quick not time consuming and requires no tools or craftsmen, even a novice can set up the structures within a short time, as the setting up does not require expertise knowledge. No tools are required since the joints are easy to locate and dislocate making the process very simple and convenient. The biggest plus point is being able to reuse it a number of times, saving both money and energy.

It makes a lot of sense to purchase modular exhibition stands but also to be cautious about choosing the right brand. Cheap pop up stands that seem to mimic the modular construction type are not up to the job. They can not be joined to form complex structures and do not have the rigidity or strength to display the graphic panels in a seamless flat state. For more information and a free no obligation exhibition stand design in full 3D call 01782 264110 or email [email protected].

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The best service! The quality of the banners and displays they have printed have been amazing – and even better is their level of service. They go above and beyond to make their customers happy – and make sure they get their orders on time. I can’t say enough about them – this is why we keep coming back!

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I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Gemma and the whole team at Plus Group for your excellent service last week. I appreciate that we gave you a very tight timescale, putting everyone under pressure (I do apologise, again!) however, I am very impressed with the professionalism, fast turnaround and great service we received from you. I know how much team work and effort it takes to turn something like this around, so I wanted to let you know that it was very much appreciated by myself, Nigel and the team at Bowmer Bond.

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