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As promised here is 5 and 6 of your 10 step plan

We are now half way through the 10 key points to doubling your turnover. I hope that this information is slowly starting to jump start your mind and change the way you think about business and the way you go about it on a day to day basis. They certainly did for me.

So lets crack on, here are points 5 and 6.

  1. The Acceptance Of Selling

The art of selling is seen as an underhand profession. You must rid your mind of all the negative connotations associated with the profession selling. I believe that being an extraordinary at sales is not only one of the key factors to a successful business but I also respect the people that can sell “ice to Eskimos”.

As a business owner or entrepreneur you are in the business of selling. If you think you are not, it may be time to get out and go into another profession. You alone are ultimately responsible for the sales of your business. Not your sales team, your sales team.

If you want to transform your business into a huge success you have to master the art of selling. There is so much to learn, and if you had not started to study the art of selling then you had better start tonight. From the psychology of sales to the science of how we think, read all you can, go on as many (credible) courses you can. Every tiny piece of information you pick up is useful and could help you get the one job that will transform your business.

  1. Immunity to criticism

I know you are hoping that this means you can just not listen to anyone and they are all wrong…unfortunately not. What I do mean by this is when people start to call you names, say you are unethical and in some cases may even compare you to the Satan; you have to block this out. You will see a lot of this from a few people you send emails to, a few people you advertise to, but if you put a big add somewhere like newspapers or magazine you will undoubtedly get a raft of people writing to you, calling you, emailing you etc. telling you that you are unethical and you are trying to influence people etc.

These people are usually narrow minded, bored, usually jealous and usually have nothing better to do with their time than moan about everything! You have to know that what you are doing is ethical, I would never ever do something I thought was not ethical, and neither should you.

Believe in what you do, be passionate about what you do and if someone tells you that your latest marketing piece was a disgrace, ignore them, let it go over your head. As if you get bogged down in the abuse you will never have the right mindset to get anywhere.

Points 7 and 8 are “Cracking the buying customers” and the “Customer Value” code. By understanding these two principles you unlock exponential growth within your business.

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