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Have you ever taken the time to sit down and track all the statistics through your website? If you have you will find there are a huge percentage of people who go through your entire site, then just before they are about to put their payment details in and give you their money, suddenly get cold feet and abandon the whole process. This is the point that your entire website is designed around and for an e-commerce business it is the sole source of income and customers. So how can you increase the number of people that don’t get “cold feet” and go the whole way and become your customer?

In a retail situation or a meeting you have face to face contact and there are many things you can ask, do or say to get them to change their mind if they say no. Most people think that there is nothing that you can do via a website to change the customer’s mind, they are wrong. Here are a few of the many things you can do to help you secure more business through your website.

Remove any possible sources of confusion and doubt from the page.

Show your potential customer exactly what they have to do to make their order, tell them exactly what happens when you have received their order and what they can do (ring/email in most cases) if something has gone wrong, and make sure that the email or phone call is answered almost instantly.

If you use paypal or another payment portal online make sure all the logos that they supply you with are visible and if there are any industry bodies etc. you belong to make sure these logos are visible as well. This will all help build confidence and help the customer on their way to buying your product.

Keep stating the benefits and reasons for buying your product.

The sale is not made until the customer has given you their money, people will go through the entire ordering process and when they get to putting in their payment details abandon the whole process! You need to keep the customer reassured the product their buying suits their needs perfectly and there isn’t a better product out there that will do this. When a sales men gets an “I like it” from a potential customer, they don’t walk out of the meeting, they stay and make sure they walk out with the order, this is exactly the same thing you need to do via your website, stay with the customer as long as possible reassuring them, and telling them why they should buy it.

Guarantees work wonders!

Don’t hide your guarantees away make them a major player in convincing your customers to buy. Make them clear and keep them all the visible to the customer, it gives people a sense of safety and makes them feel much better about parting with their money.

Testimonials on every page.

You want to use testimonials that will present a possible problem or a concern someone may have and has a happy outcome. Try and get any doubt your customer has out of their mind.

Make sure your potential customer can contact you with ease.

Have your phone number, email address or live chat system easy viewable and accessible on your site. There are still a huge amount of people out there that want to speak to someone and have some sort of human contact instead of simply checking out online.

Just remember to keep your customer reassured and confident in the product they are buying and you will increase your sales with ease.

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