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Pop-up banners a popular choice

Pop up banners

A popular choice of banner stand in the exhibition market is the pop up banner.

It’s probably due to the fact that their compact design makes pop up banners a favorite choice of marketing managers and other professionals who attend exhibition and trade show events on a regular basis. A pop up banner utilises a simple mechanism allowing the printed banner to literally pop up and then when finished with the banner retracts into its cassette. When not being used a spring loaded mechanism keeps it safely protected. Transporting the banner is easy because of this and weighs about 4 to 5kg. Using the banner, it simplicity itself all that is needed is to pull the banner from the cassette (which incidentally forms the foot and base to give it stability) and use the pole supplied to keep it unrolled.

Many sales and marketing departments choose to display their company name or logo on a pop up banner ensuring it complies with their marketing brand. The stand can be used countless times and due to the long life colours always and will remain fresh. As the banners are printed in photographic colours just about anything can be printed on a roller banner. They even come double sided so that they are visible from almost any angle.

Most standard popup banners are around 800mm wide, but you can also get pop up banners in smaller and larger sizes from 600mm to over 1500mm wide. By using 2 or 3 pop up banner stands a most impressive display can be arranged.

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