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Quality budget banner stands not just cheap pull-up stands

Get best value from your marketing budget

All companies if they are going to survive in the present market climate must pay attention to their sales and marketing budget and get best value wherever possible.

Spending a disproportionate amount on say an internet advertising campaign isn’t the only way of giving your company a revenue boost, other ways have to be explored and  trade shows or exhibition stands are becoming a popular choice for businesses in just about all the SIC codes.

But it is no good turning up to a trade show or exhibition if you do not have a good looking attractive exhibition stand. These days it can be achieved easily by using a single or multiple array of budget pull up banner stands.

Buy high quality pull up banner stands not cheap ones

In spite of the name, budget pull up banner stands can be of a high quality and very much depends on where you buy them. You do have to be careful as there are a lot of very low priced so called budget banner stands that are cheap. I keep repeating cheap because the majority of these pull up budget banner stands are in fact not genuine reductions but banner stands that have been built to be cheap. Made from wafer thin aluminium, fitted with inferior quality low resolution graphics, weak poles and just a hole for the pole this just stores up a bucket load of trouble.

Often straight out of the box these roller banner stands lean either forward or backwards as the pole bends or worse bends the cassette as it is so thin and become useless in a matter of hours at best within a couple of days. The graphic curls horribly at the long edges and just looks unprofessional. You can rest assured if you buy your pull up stand from us albeit for a few pounds more it will come with a 2 year guarantee and have a proper photo quality graphic that is stop light, that is grey on the back to stop any light showing through, finished with a diamond hard surface and best of all the printed graphic panel for the banner stand will lie absolutely flat and look stunning.

The money you spend should be an investment in a budget roller banner stand one you can use repeatedly so that in the long run you’re extra few pounds pays dividends and no embarrassing moments in front of clients.

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