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Why our banner stands are different

We are often asked why our banner stands cost a little more than others that look the same and often when speaking to competitors claim there is no difference! So lets just list a few differences that all add up to peace of mind for you. Let’s start from the top:-

Banner Stand Headers.

Plus display’s banner stands all have clamp type headers; many cheap competitor banner stands have self adhesive rails with no clamp action. At best after a few uses as the glue dries out eventually the header comes off and the graphic flies back into the stand wrecking it. As ours is a mechanical clamp this does not happen.

Graphic Support Poles.

Plus display’s poles are made from a minimum 500 micron thick aluminium tube and a minimum diameter of 15mm on the Lite model and 19mm on the rest. This ensures the pole does not bend and the stand stays upright. Many competitor models use thin pole material as low as 150 micron thickness, which can cause cuts being so thin and are prone to bending with the inevitable consequences.

Cassette case.

Where shall we start?

It’s all about thickness! Ours are made from aircraft quality aluminium so we can make from thicker aluminium and still be light weight. Competitors use very thin but heavier material which makes them flimsy and prone to twisting making the graphic sag and lean.

End caps
All our banner stands have proper end caps to protect the mechanisms and make them look truly professional. Others’ models allow the mechanism and end screws to show. The ends of the roller mechanism (a round pin one end and screwdriver looking end at the other) are exposed and easily damaged if roughly handled.

Internal roller mechanism.
This is the roller that the graphic rolls around when stored and provides the tension when put up. As you cannot see this, many use a cheap plastic roller and thin springs that are over wound! All Plus retractable banner stands use a metal roller and the springs are thicker durable and under wound to ensure a smooth operation that will last and not snap.

Pole locators.
Again cheap models just have a hole drilled in the thin base and no location mechanism. Plus Display models have proper pole slots and locator pins. Just a hole makes it difficult to put the pole into the base and secondly no locator for the bottom of the pole means it can lean either backwards or forwards. Ares stay perfectly upright.

Feet where fitted we use thick ribbed aluminium or steel feet with reinforced locator plates.

Ribbed aluminium is more expensive and stronger than the flat plate used on competitor stands. Also locator plates are not seen on the cheaper models used on most competitor stands allowing cassette body to bend and cause the graphic to lean


We use only a sand grain finished grey backed stop light material especially made to our specifications to stop any edge curl! PVC, cheap stoplight and laminated graphics so often seen on inferior models are strictly banned here!

The material we use is bright white ensuring vibrant graphics not off white as with cheaper materials.

The grey back ensures no light transmission from the rear again ensuring colours look bright even when placed in front of a window.

The one big difference is that our material is non curling – guaranteed! Just look around at stands out there – nothing looks worse than tatty looking stands with the curled edges of the graphic.

Carry bags.

All our stands come in a padded oxford weave zipped bag with a carry handle. Not un-padded black canvas bags that afford no protection. Also provided in a double walled cardboard outer case for added protection.

All these differences we have developed over 35 years in business to ensure your stand is ready to use each and every time.

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The Best Service

The best service! The quality of the banners and displays they have printed have been amazing – and even better is their level of service. They go above and beyond to make their customers happy – and make sure they get their orders on time. I can’t say enough about them – this is why we keep coming back!

Nicole Brennan

Excellent Service

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Gemma and the whole team at Plus Group for your excellent service last week. I appreciate that we gave you a very tight timescale, putting everyone under pressure (I do apologise, again!) however, I am very impressed with the professionalism, fast turnaround and great service we received from you. I know how much team work and effort it takes to turn something like this around, so I wanted to let you know that it was very much appreciated by myself, Nigel and the team at Bowmer Bond.

Louise Sellers

The Highest Quality Products

The highest quality products – yes! But what is more is the very highest quality of service too – every time for the last 7 years! Without fail!
We have no hesitation in recommending Judith and the rest of the team at Plus Displays – if you are looking for the most professional representation of your business in graphic form, then look no further than Plus!

John Spencer-Ades